U.S. Federal Contracting is a consulting group that specializes in helping small businesses navigate the federal market and WIN long term, lucrative, federal contracts. Our contract acquisition specialists will find the RIGHT opportunities for your company and assist with the entire acquisition process including post-acquisition. Our team will assess your company and it's capabilities and provide a custom acquisition plan. We offer goods and services of all types in all 50 states. We will register your company in the proper federal systems and help your company acquire proper certifications. 

Our Services Include :

Assistance Registering In Federal Acquisition Systems Including FEMA

Access To Our Network Of Sub & Prime Contractors In Your Industry

F.A.R. Compliance Consulting

Government Specific Marketing

Bidding Strategy

Pricing Strategy

Proposal Training

State and Local Government Opportunities

Federal Business Development Consulting

GSA Registration

" The Playbook has been very beneficial to my sales team. When we decided to pursue federal contracts we had a hard time winning bids. We couldn't find information and the SBA reps weren't very helpful. The Playbook and coaching helped us understand how the federal contracting process so much that WE WON the very next contract we bid on! We are excited to have them on our side."

​Janice McDaniels - Boise, ID

"Highly Recommended. We signed up in June 2017  and we were given multiple no bid jobs in August. They were small jobs but we were paid immediately and they kept giving us work. We won our first contract in September. Great investment!"

Harold Fitzpatrick- Austin, TX

"We finally won our first contract. We submitted 6 bids in the past 9 months. It was totally worth it. We are hoping to have this for the next 5 years and we are making good money. Mr. Smith knows his stuff."

Gregory Harper- Eugene, OR

" Great resource for small business teaming partners. We large construction company and we use USFC for our local trade and sub contractors."

Tabitha Rosenberg- Montgomery, AL

“I’m so happy I chose to work with USFC. From the initial consultation all the way through the first project’s conclusion, the service I received was impeccable and my first contract really brought my vision to life. My janitorial business has doubled in size after 14 months”

Eric Pena- Staten Island, NY

“When I needed advice, USFC really made it simple. They were there to guide me through every step of our first government contract. We grew from a 6 figure company to an 7 figure company within 6 months”

Beth O'Brien- Miami Beach, FL

"I joined to grow my landscaping business. We were given 5 accounts our first year and they paid well. And They always pay on time!"

Reggie Harper- Scranton, PA

"USFC gave us 24 locations for our first contract. Since then we have received 10 small accounts. They helped us grow throughout the state and we are now bidding as a prime contractor." 

Todd Mathis- San Francisco, CA


" We are a vendor for USFC. They pay on time and pretty fair. Sometimes you make out great and sometimes just ok. I have had bad experiences with other companies but so far no issues with them. They give us a bunch of post construction cleaning jobs."

Danny Garcia-  San Diego, CA

Results Vary Based On Market, Contractor's Abilities, and Government Need. Contracts are awarded based on best value.

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